Why People Choose to be Digital Nomads

A lot has changed in the last decade. Our careers and futures are no longer defined by where we were born. Some people are refusing to put down roots, and they are making the whole world their home. Now that the globe is connected, we can work from anywhere. The question is, what are the advantages of being a digital nomad?

  • Cultural freedom: Everybody has their own style and personality. It is quite common to feel that the regular 9-5 office scenario is uncomfortable and unnatural. On top of that you have the constant annoyance of workplace politics and gossip. We are often stuck with the mundane interests of the people around us. Those attitudes and personalities don’t seem to change much over the years. But, when you take your work on the road, you become your own culture. You can be who you want to be.
  • Tech is Everywhere: The available of quality, high speed internet is a global phenomenon. There aren’t many places these days without excellent high-speed connections. Meaning, if your work only requires a computer and access to the internet, you can work from anywhere. These days you can work in exotic locations every day, all year round. The only other people in the world with this kind of freedom are independently wealthy.
  • Luxury Living: Moving to a country where the cost of housing, food and transportation is much lower, means you can live a more luxurious lifestyle with the same income. People making an average income in a big western city, will find that they can afford much nicer accommodations in other places for considerably less money. For example, many westerners are purchasing luxury condos such as TAIT 12 (called เทตต์ 12 in Thai), for the price of an aging 2-bedroom bungalow in the suburbs of a major city.
  • Bragging Rights: Something that can’t be understated about the nomad lifestyle is that when you describe what you do, and where you live, you are suddenly the most interesting person in the room. People will be instantly jealous when they learn the freedom and the experiences you get compared to most people’s very ordinary vanilla lives.

Not everything about being a digital nomad is positive, there are issues of security and not being a citizen where you live. But for the sheer peace of mind and the privilege of being a world traveller. Most digital nomads will agree that there is no better life for them.

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