How to Get Your Property Noticed with Great Photos

If you’ve been struggling to get your property sold on the market, or as an estate agent, your company has struggled to drum up enough interest in a variety of properties and you are wondering why, think about how you market those properties. Reviewing the process and practice of your property listings should be conducted regularly, to ensure that you are maximising the potential of the property in question, that it is being portrayed in an accurate and attractive light and that you are getting as many people as possible registering an interest. The better the quality of property listing, the more people will want to view it, and the higher the price could potentially go. This is why estate agent marketing services and professional property photography is an important aspect of the modern house sale, providing a win-win for all parties.

It is easy to see why some properties fail to sell. There are horror stories of properties that have been on the market for years with no success, sometimes down to terrible property listing photos and the like, putting potential buyers off even viewing the property in the first place, let alone put an offer in. It takes a professional eye for detail and good practice to ensure that a property looks its best when photos are being taken for a listing. Add to that the careful nature of evaluation of a property and the expertise of an estate agent understanding the local market and what sells and to whom. It isn’t necessarily easy to sell a property at a price that suits all parties.

Think about a property listing and the impact of a good photo. We all look at the photos first, and if they don’t draw us in you are likely to just scroll on by. The importance of a cracking first photograph and a good first impression is therefore vital to any property listing. If the photos look good, a potential buyer will then look at the detail of the property and is more likely to request a physical viewing. If your property listing has videos or drone footage from above too, even better, as it provides even more information to draw potential buyers in and drum up genuine interest.

Good photography shows that a homeowner or landlord genuinely cares about the property and that it is a good place to live. For the seller or the estate agent, this means a greater number of interested potential buyers, hopefully a higher sale price hopefully and satisfied clients all round.

The property market has seen some strange moves during the last year, with the way in which Covid-19 and lockdown measures have impacted on so many different areas of our life. Some areas of the property market have continued to thrive, as can be seen with the massive influx of foreign investment into London property despite all the economic worries with the rest of the country’s property market. For everyone else, it is important that properties have the best chance possible to be viewed in an accurate, positive light and that as many potential buyers see it as possible. With expert estate agent marketing services providing professional property photography, floor plans and drone footage, you can significantly improve property listings and get the market moving in full flow again.

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