How Smart Home Automation is the Right Thing for You

Recent years have seen many homeowners opting for smart home automation systems because of the numerous benefits that they offer. Convenience, comfort, security, reduced energy bills, and complete peace of mind are just a few perks of smart home automation systems. Though smart homes come with a hefty price tag, they are worth the money. So if you are wondering why a smart home automation system is the right thing for your 2 BHK in Goa or any other city, just read on.


With smart home automation systems, you need not worry about your loved ones and your security. Unlike traditional homes where one has to turn the lights on and off by switching the buttons, in smart homes, all this is controlled by remote dashboards! You also need not manually lower or raise the blinds to let in or keep out sunlight. Remote dashboards will do it for you. Automated door locks are an exquisite tool to keep your home safe from unsocial elements. The moment someone enters your home, you will get an alert. Some automated door locks also have a one-touch feature. With a touch of the button, the door gets unlocked. You can unlock the door with the aid of a voice assistant. Through an app, you get to know who is entering your home or if the doors have not been locked.


Though smart home automation systems are quite costly, in the long run, they help you save money. By installing automated thermostats, you can control the heating and cooling process of your home with ease. These highly advanced technologies are capable of adjusting to the homeowners’ preferences, schedules, or behaviour. We often forget switching off the fan or light when leaving a room. But with smart thermostats, this challenge can be overcome. Unlike traditional mediums, you can program the lights to automatically switch on. You can go a step further and also program the thermostats to switch to an evening mode when the sun goes down. This will help you reduce your energy bills.

Comfort and convenience 

When homebuyers purchase an apartment, they are looking for convenience and comfort. Smart home automation helps an individual lead a comfortable lifestyle. Home automation allows homeowners to have full control over their homes. With an app, they can control the fans, lights, heating systems, and even household gadgets like coffee pots and ovens. Through one interface, you can operate all the gadgets and appliances in your home even from a distance. There is also no need to rely on anyone else when you are away from home. It is you who would be controlling the house.

Good resale value

Unlike traditional homes, homes comprising smart home automation have much better resale value and the potential to attract customers in the future. Since smart home automation provides a comfortable and superior lifestyle, and that is what homebuyers look for, these homes will see a price appreciation in the years to come.

Home automation systems also have certain drawbacks. Apart from the cost factor, this is also a very complex technology. It can be a bit tough for people who are not too tech-savvy. But the advantages of smart home automation far outweigh the disadvantages, making it the preferred choice for many homebuyers. Many of the luxurious apartments in Goa or in Mumbai are already equipped with smart home automation, providing a much superior lifestyle to the homeowners.

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