Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Choose A House Or An Apartment

House or apartment? There is no ideal formula for choosing your new property with 33 realty. A complex subject that depends on many different factors, deciding where you will live is, above all, a matter of personal preference. Some people feel trapped in smaller environments; others feel insecure or lonely in spacious spaces.


1 – Greater Flexibility

If you don’t like noise, get annoyed by busy places, and want privacy, this is your choice. Of course, it all depends on your neighborhood. Still, in general, people who live in houses don’t have neighbors who make noise when walking upstairs and can feel greater spaciousness, especially if the chosen house has an outdoor area.

You have space for the dog to play, coming home late and not worrying about taking off your high heels, moving furniture around, or having space for children to play indoors with no time limit. These are everyday situations in many people who live in houses, generating friction between neighbors of buildings. So, if you want more tranquility in your home, consider home when looking for the ideal property.

2 – Minor Expenses

A house’s bills are proportional to its expenses, just like an apartment. But we need to consider an extra value that can be expensive when choosing an apartment. Generally, the costs of a condominium involve cleaning, water, electricity, and routine maintenance of shared spaces. The larger the structure available (courts, swimming pools, gym, party room), the higher the monthly fee.

3 – Greater Privacy

When we live in a building or condominium with several blocks, the eyes of others can bother us. In a house, you avoid unnecessary curiosities from neighbors. Get privacy without the social shackles of a condo. Greater freedom is one of the main gains with choosing a home.


1 – Networking Of Neighbors

If you are sociable or have children, there is nothing more enjoyable than having good relationships with your neighbors. Fun get-togethers, joint gym visits, playdates, and building great childhood friendships among the kids in your condo.

All this will be possible living in an apartment. And even if you’re not super communicative, places with collective spaces tend to connect people with common interests. In this exercise by 33 realty, you can get anything from a referral to a pizzeria to the principal’s phone number of the school where you want to enroll your children

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