What do Homeowners need to Know About Their Association?


A homeowners association (HOA) is formed to ensure that the neighborhood and property owners in an area follow the same rules, regulations, and guidelines in order to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. If you own your home, you’re also part of the HOA, which means you have rights and responsibilities—not only as a homeowner but also as a member of the HOA. How involved you want to depend on what’s expected of you by your HOA and whether you have issues with your association. phoenix hoa management companies can be there for the homeowner when they need a little extra help with their home. They offer all types of services, such as lawn care, pool maintenance, and snow removal.

What makes an HOA attractive?

A strong HOA usually has an engaged community and well-maintained amenities, such as a pool or tennis court. Members are also active with the association and proactively trying to keep the community pristine. It’s important for homeowners in an HOA to always be proactive because there will always be someone who is just not interested in participating.

Before you buy into an HOA

Know what you’re getting into before buying a home in an HOA neighborhood. It can be a great way to maintain your property’s value while ensuring that the neighborhood has protections in place if someone is negligent. The downside is that homeowners may find themselves at odds with other neighbors on various topics such as noise and pet restrictions, board meetings, and local governing documents.

How do you create a good working relationship with your HOA board members?

  1. Get up to speed with what the HOA’s responsibilities are and learn how they work within your community. 
  2. Learn the standard rules that govern your homeowner’s association and its policies on membership, maintenance, leasing, or renting of property in the area. 
  3. Look at how well other people in your association understand how their HOA works, then talk with some of them about whether you have any outstanding questions or concerns about it from their point of view. 


In conclusion,  homeowners need to know the rules and regulations of their association. These are important factors in determining what your rights are as a homeowner. As long as you abide by the rules, it should be smooth sailing. Hope this was helpful! Be sure to tune in next week for more helpful blog posts!

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