How To Revamp The Building For Mobility Devices By A Ramp?

Equal opportunities and a similar place for all humanity are needed to paint a beautiful picture of the world in our minds. But, life is not the same for everyone. Even to perform our daily activities, some of us need help. For people with a walking disability and who need a wheelchair to move around, stairs at the building entrance would also cause trouble. A simple invention, like wheelchair ramps have come to the rescue. A wheelchair ramp is an inclined surface that gives access to people in a building or elevated area.

There are many different types of wheelchair ramps-

  • Semi-permanent ramps-As the name suggests, it gives a temporary solution to form an elevation from the ground to the building entrance.
  • Permanent ramps-Generally cemented pathways made elevated to form a link between the ground to the door.
  • Portable ramps- They are easily transferable, made of lightweight material.
  • Vehicle ramps-Generally, they help at senior centers and schools. Vans inbuilt with wheelchair ramps help at public events.

How to choose the right wheelchair ramp?

If you have decided to add a ramp to your house, it is always better to make a well-informed decision. Some factors to look into before adding the ramp are-

  • Complete knowledge about your wheelchair- It is essential to understand a few features of the mobility device you have-
  1. Measure the length and width of the wheelchair
  2. Jot down the Total weight of the wheelchair, its accessory, user, and caregiver.
  3. Measure the width of the wheels.
  • Slope- The step’s height needs to be calculated to know the ramp’s length to be made. The guidelines state that every one-inch rise requires twelve inches of the ramp. However, the steepness of the incline will vary in every situation.
  • A location- The location for installation of the ramp matters, as per your requirement inside or outside the house. If you are talking about small steps, then a threshold ramp will be a good solution. If the building is commercial, more giant ramps will suffice the situation. Environmental conditions need to be taken into account in both cases.
  • Portability-The availability of foldable ramps has made it possible to carry them while traveling. A big help for you to move around the interstate or nearby.
  • Different styles-There are different quality and style ramps available in the market. Many features to be seen before installation of a wheelchair ramp are:
  1. Selection of the ramp’s surface can be from various grit coats, integrated traction lines, heavy-duty punch plate traction.
  2. Ramps come with pins and mounting holes for a permanent and semi-permanent installation.
  3. Handrails help those who do not need a mobility device but a little assistance to climb up.
  4. Lip extensions form the link between the ramp and the connected surface; it is essential for a smooth transition.


For a well-guided decision out of the different ramp styles available in the market like modular handicap access ramps, portable wheelchair ramps, solid and threshold ramps, wheelchair van ramps, it is advisable to check the factors stated above. At some point in time, any one of us can require to use a wheelchair temporarily or permanently. Before getting one do check out different factors in purchasing a ramp.

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